If your trial ends and you haven’t chosen to switch to our free plan or upgrade to a paid plan, you’ll be unable to edit your prototypes and share-links will stop working. But don’t worry, none of your work will be deleted.

To restore access to your account and share-links, login to Atomic and choose a plan. 

Switching to the free plan

To switch to the Free plan, login and select 'Choose Plan' on the Free plan. If you are not the team owner (the person who created the team) you will need to ask them to make any changes.

Note: If you’ve added team members during your trial they will be removed from the team when you switch to the Free plan. 

Upgrading to a paid plan

If you’re ready to upgrade to a paid plan, login then choose 'Change Plan' on the plan you've after. Don’t see this page? The person who invited you to their Team will need to make the switch.

Once you’ve made the switch, full access to your account and share-links will be restored. If you’ve chosen a team plan, any team members you had added during your trial will also continue to have access. If you choose the Individual plan, all your prototypes will be accessible, but any collaborators on those projects will be removed. They can be easily re-added if you switch to a team plan and invite those team members back in. 

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