When you no longer need access to work, you can archive it. If you move to the Free plan, all work with the exception of the most recently edited prototype will be moved to the Archive. 

There are two archives in Atomic:

  1. The Hub archive (this contains archived projects)
  2. The Project archive (this contains archived prototypes within that project)

To archive a project:

  1. Locate the Project in the Project Hub
  2. Hover over the Project
  3. Click the archive icon up the top right

Once a project is archived, all prototypes within it will also be archived. The archived project will move to the Hub archive. This can be located from the Project Hub > Archive.

To archive a prototype:

  1. Open the Project in which the prototypes lives within
  2. Locate the prototype
  3. Hover over the prototype
  4. Click the archive icon up the top right

If you know a particular prototype has been archived from within an active project, you can located the archived prototype from the Project archive. To do this, open the Project > Archive.

Archived projects and prototypes:

  • Will no longer be active via a share link
  • Cannot be opened and edited
  • Cannot be previewed or opened in review mode
  • If projects have collaborators, archived projects and prototypes will appear in each designer's archive, and any collaborator will have the ability to unarchive it.

Deleting projects

You can delete an archived Project from the Archive by hovering over a project and clicking the trash can.

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