Things not behaving quite as expected? Here are some things that can cause issues with animations.

Elements disappear and reappear, or flicker during a transition

Layer groups: Groups must be consistent across pages. It helps to group first, then copy the group to the other pages, or you can ungroup the problematic layers.

Layer order: Ensure your layers are in the same order across pages for a smooth transition.

Use PNGs: We've found that SVG's can cause some jittery animation. We recommend using PNGs where possible.

Link elements: ensure the link between the start and end element is not broken. The easiest way to do this is to delete the end state element, and copy and paste it from the original.

Elements rotate in the wrong direction

Rotating an element manually by dragging can have a different effect to using the text input for the rotation angle. Using the text input will always result in a clockwise rotation, so to create an anti clockwise rotation you'll need to drag the rotation handles anticlockwise.

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