All prototypes in your account are kept private for only you to see unless you decide to share them via a share link, or invite another user in as a collaborator.

Share a link with anyone

You can share your prototypes with anyone by sending them a shareable link. Viewers don’t need an Atomic account, so it’s great for sharing with your team or clients.

Sharing permissions

Comments are enabled by default but can be easily switched off. You can also choose to allow others to make a copy of your prototype.

You can choose to hide hotspot hints for things like usability testing sessions. Or you can add ?hidehints=true  to the end of any share URL.

Once you share a link to your prototype, that link will always show the latest version of your prototype, no updates necessary.

Updating the sharing permissions will create a new URL. Any previous URL’s will still work, but the permissions on those won’t be updated.

Allowing others to make a copy of your prototype

When you share your prototype you can choose whether to let others copy your prototype into their own Atomic account. This is great for sharing templates and resource files. The file will be copied at that time, so future changes won’t be reflected in the copy. The history is also kept private for the original creator of the prototype.

Comments and feedback

Enabling comments on your prototype will allow anyone with an Atomic account to leave a comment on your prototype. Viewers without an account will be able to see the comments, but currently they won’t be able to post their own.

Each time a comment is left on your prototype you and anyone else who has commented will be notified by email. To see the latest comments, you'll need to refresh.

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