Collaboration is only available to Team and Organization plans.

Inviting a collaborator

To invite a collaborator into a project click the ‘+’ button at the top of a project.

This will bring up a list of team members to select from. If there's someone you'd like to collaborate with that's not on your team, you'll need to ask the team admin to invite them.

Once invited, your team member will receive an email notifying them of the invitation. The next time they log in to Atomic they’ll have access to the project and all the prototypes within it.

Removing a collaborator

To remove a collaborator, hover over the collaborator you’d like to remove on the project screen and select the ‘X’ button. Once removed, they will no longer have access to the project and prototypes within it.

Shared project permissions

To avoid hiccups, we’ve added a few permissions for both project owners and collaborators. These permissions relate to an entire project and affect all prototypes within that project.

  • Owners and collaborators can create new prototypes, invite anyone to collaborate, edit & manage prototypes and remove others from the project. 
  • Only the owner will be able to archive the project. 
  • Collaborators will not be able to remove the owner from the project.

Transferring project ownership

You can’t currently transfer the ownership of a prototype directly to another user, however you can easily share a prototype. Once shared, another user can then copy it easily into their own account.

If you wish, you can then safely delete your copy of the prototype without it interfering with the newly duplicated copy.

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