Team collaboration is only available on the Basic team, Custom team and Enterprise plans.

Inviting collaborators in to your projects

We’ve made it easy to invite team members to collaborate in your projects, so they can prototype right alongside you. You can even edit different pages within the same prototype at the same time as someone else, without fear of conflicts.

Forget about syncing files, or exporting comps. No more waiting for uploads and dealing with loads of unnecessary reviewer comments.

Sharing your prototypes

You can invite others to review your prototype by generating and sharing a simple link that they can view on their own devices.

When you create a share-link you can choose whether you want the people who view it to be able to leave comments or copy your prototype into their own Atomic accounts to edit. People viewing share-links don’t need to have an Atomic account, unless they wish to comment or copy your prototype.

Sharing is great for user testing and bringing your stakeholders closer to your prototypes.

Tip: If the people you are sharing links with are on iOS devices we recommend using the Atomic iOS app for the best experience.


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