You can easily capture a recording of your Atomic prototype to share with others using a third party screen recorder. 

We suggest you pick one based on your budget and any need for editing. For example, QuickTime, PowerPoint, and CloudApp offer good free products, while ScreenFlow and Camtasia have paid offerings and may be best if you wish to do a lot of video editing. 

Here are some screen recorders we’ve used and can recommend:


Free on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and newer. QuickTime is quick and easy to use, and does not require you to download any additional software.
How to use Quicktime


Free with PowerPoint. A great free option for PowerPoint users.
How to use PowerPoint


A easy to use cloud sharing application. The free plan limits recording length, captures per month, and file size. The paid plan, which has much higher limits from $120/year.
Get CloudApp


Cost: $49.95. Available for Mac or Windows. Offers basic screen capture and recording.
Get SnagIt


Cost: starts from $129. Available for Mac only. Offers high powered editing features.
Get Screenflow


Cost: starts from $249. Available for Mac or Windows. Offers high powered editing features.
Get Camtasia

Tip: Beware of some recording applications which place watermarks to your clips, limit clip length, or let you record a limited number of videos.

Recording a prototype

In the Atomic editor, select ‘Preview’ in the bottom right. Then use your preferred screen recorder to capture the flow through the prototype you wish to share.


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