Atomic is evolving rapidly and sometimes we need to move or remove features for the good of the product and our users. This article describes what those changes are and when they will take effect.

Variable change events on component instances

We initially introduced the ability to listen to variable change events on pages and component instances to offer flexibility in how people build their prototypes. After receiving feedback expressing confusion about how variable change events work when applied to component instances, we have decided to phase them out, and to encourage people to set up variable change events on pages instead, which will help people you are collaborating with find them and better understand how your prototype is built. Since variable change events trigger whenever a variable changes anywhere in your prototype, having them declared on a specific component offered no real benefit or additional functionality from having them declared on pages anyway. Further improvements to variable change events and when they are triggered are planned.

As of the 16th of August 2017 we have made a change so that variable change events can no longer be added to component instances. Existing variable change events on component instances will continue to work for another 6 months, and will be removed from the product completely in February 2018. If you have any questions or feedback regarding this change please contact us through normal support channels.

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